Volume 9


Chapter 59

Moving to a 64 bit system (link Shell, Path editor), TothKnob for Receiver, Old School skin for XE8, Blocking Internet access per application, start of new server architecture for SETI Network, using Remote Objects (RO)

Chapter 60

Suppressing PHP Warnings, Windows 10 Guest account, dB Forge Studio setup, Windows 10 and WAMP Server, Antenna Mount, Antenna and Skymap wiring, Module Layout, Remote Objects and Fixing MailTo

Chapter 61
Adding back an Audio Mixer to Win 10, Removing passwords, Blobs MyAss, Disk Crash recovery, More Blobs, State Machine, Todo List
Chapter 62
A new ToDo list which will be promptly ignored, the location of the startup directory in Windows 10 reviewed and a start on Long Scan mode of operation.