Volume 5


Chapter 35
2009-07-04 to 2010-02-17 Radio Astronomy Receiver, USB Drivers for HPSDR, Firmware update process for HPSDR, USB Driver development, Recording audio in Vista, and Ozy Layout Pipes and Control.
Chapter 36 2010-04-07 t0 2010-05-22  Creation of Radio Astronomy Learning site, Moving to Delphi  2010, and then back to D7
Chapter 37 2010-06-01 to 2010,06-21  Start Total Power Receiver, Control Panel Blow Out, Noise Source Info., ENR, Noise Noise Noise, Head End test
Chapter 38 2010-06-28 to  2010-08-15 Virtual Cable Setup#2, Learning Mathematica, Different Total Power Receiver, Spectrum Analyzer sever fix, Raster Scan Software, Serial Ports and Twerpy Little Star and running two serial ports with Kerr software.
Chapter 39 2010-08-15 to 2011-02-19  Buying a R7000 on eBay and then fixing its display problem, Disabling the AGC on an R7000, Twins.
Chapter 40 2011-04-07 to 201103-07 - Virtual audio cable setup (again), BPF Test and New LNA testing.  Calculating LNA Noise figure. 
Chapter 41 2011-04-08 to 2011-07-24 - Start of L4/L5 search and Database rewrite.  Doomed attempt to use the crappy MySQL Workbench software, The start of the ER diagram of the database, and a move to DevArt's software (much better).  Changing settings in FrontPage 2003 to work with PHP.  How to configure MySQL to default to MyISAM table types.
Chapter 42  2011-07-04 to 2011-11-30 - Building an ActiveX component in Delphi, To Do in Control panel, Lohniger components blow up XE, jpg Comments finally working, IP Camera lost but now found
Chapter 43 2011-12-03 to 2011-12-24 Wherein I finally get it together on the database.  MySQL is actually worth a shit after all.  Also where I had to repair the Display on one of the ICOM R7000 receivers.