Volume 8


Paradigm shift and start of HackRF ONE, Trying to use GNR Radio, Spur hunting, adding the audio falsification mode to SETI Net and using a NAS.

Chapter 55

A Paradigm Shift Without A Clutch, falling in and getting out of the Rabbit Hole. Getting serious with HackRF One. Playing with HackRF One and looking for the GOES 13 satellite.

MDS Comparisons between radios and an Audio spike shows up. One of those TO DO lists...

Chapter 56

GIT and I go hand-to-hand, setting PHP and Apache for error and warning handling.

Ubuntu and GNR Radio are installed and brought to life. Working on HackRF Tools.

Chapter 57
Verifying the database structure, WOW Spur hunt and sniffer. new Years Rebuild of Zeke
Chapter 58

Start of Auto Falsification project. The addition of a network drive to hold the JPGs and WAV files. Making Notepad ++ your default editor in Windows 7. A new TODo list.

Adding a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device and just how fucked up Negear turned out to be.

Working on SDRSharp MixMaster and starting the ZoomFFT work