Volume 9

Chapter 61

352 - Audio Mixer for Windows 10 Missing 2015-12-03

In Microsoft never ending quest to obscure the audio subsystem in Windows 10 the mixer has disappeared. This is how to recover it.

  1. Go To This Link
  2. Hit the Accept crap. Then next
  3. Select either the 32 bit or the 64 bit drivers and then hit 'Global' on the right side.

It will download the installer (125 Meg). Run that and you will have your mixer back.

351 - Remove Password Windows 10 2015-12-03

Windows tricked me into another crazy password scheme and suddenly my development machine requires a password on every boot up. Since I boot up over and over during the day this is a pain. Here is the solution:

  1. Open a CMD window, type control userpasswords2, click OK;
  2. Select the wanted user account under the Users tab, clear the Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer check box, click Apply;
  3. In the Automatically Log On dialog box, type your password, and then click OK;
  4. In the User Accounts Box, click OK.

350 - BLOBS MySql/MyAss 2015-11-06

This is just not working out. I can create a MySQL table with LONGBLOBS that theoretically can contain up to 4 GBytes of data and should be able to hold the WAVs and JPGs that my system generates. The problem comes in when I attempt to fill the BLOBS.

The max file size variables in Apache and PHP can be changed but still the time it takes to move a very large WAV causes all kinds of problems. I am through playing with it.

So its back to the original way of doing things. WAVs and JPGs will be generated and saved to a local file system on my NAS drive and then moved to the remote server via FTP.

To make this work I have to have a better set of tools that will keep the remote file system and its database in synch.

349 - Recovering from Disk crash 2015-11-01

When this happens it takes 'days' to recover.

Find FTP parameters for Dreamweaver on the NAS

Set WAMP to autostart

  1. Log in as an administrator.
  2. Start -> Run "services.msc"
  3. Right click the service wampapache64. Go to properties and set start-up type to 'Automatic'
  4. Repeat step 3 for wampmysqld64.

This causes the services to autostart but still does not work right. I have to use a shortcut to WAMPManager to get the icon on the tray which is a pain in the butt but workable.

348 - BLOBs 2015-10-26

I have decided to change the SETI Network database and part of the modernization process. Until now the raw SETI Data collected (WAVs and JPGs) were tagged with SML and then moved directly to the remote server file system. When a user, like yourself, wanted to download a WAV or see a JPG the server fished it out of the file system and sent it to your browser. This worked but barely. It always seemed that the file system and the database were out of sync leading to a lot of errors in the revival process.

The raw data will now be stored directly in the database in the form of Binary Large Objects (BLOB) which is a MySQL data type. Blob types come in several flavors:

    MySQL Blob Types

    • TINYBLOB - less that 255 bytes
    • Blob - up do 65,535 bytes
    • MediumBlob - up to 1.67E7 bytes (16 Meg) and
    • LongBlob - up to 4.29E9 bytes (4 Gig bytes).

I will be using the LongBlob variety to accommodate the expected large format WAVs and JPGs the system is going to create.

347 - Yet Another State Machine 2015-10-25

Lets hope this is the final version

346 - Target.PHP File Populate 2015-10-08

As I was trying to figure out how to change to a common target file (item 2 below) I realized that I had already made a start on the problem. I found the obsolete code and worked on it a bit until I got it to work again.

This application allows me to modify a single target.php file and then replicate it across all other instances where it appears in the hits directory.

This application scans for the file in the File Mask edit box starting at the directory shown in the In Directory box. When the Search button is pressed it makes a list of all the files with the same name and reports them in a list box. This run shows 363 target.php files.

If I press the Populate Archive button, at the bottom, it will take the target.php file located at RA 00 - Constellation Andromeda - Target Star Adhil and copies over all the other target.php files.

345 - ToDo List 2015-10-05

  1. Continue to add Scroll To Top (STT) to pages
  2. Try to change to common Target.PHP file
  3. Write Neuron Operation page
  4. Find a way to add the Waterfall pallets to the EXE resource