Volume 9

Chapter 62

347 - Long Scan 2015-12-22

I have rebuilt the Spectrum Analyzer so that it will produce much longer scans than before. The earlier version would only scan until the JPG buffer was filled and then logic in the Waterfall unit would search for a hit. With this system a separate buffer that can be up to about 6,000 lines of 32K FFT is created and when filled search logic in the SpecAna unit does the search.

This will cause much larger WAV files to be generated but fewer of them. The JPG files will remain the same size and will only partially reflect the hit image.

We will seen

346 - Startup Location 2015-12-15

I keep having to struggle around to find the location of the Windows 10 Startup directory. Here it is:

C:\Users\<your-user-name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

345 - ToDo List of the Day 2015-12-06

Various things to think about during the upcoming year:

  • HackRF - Decode output of SHRSharp and SDRConsole. Estimate storage requirements and test detection logic
  • Long Scan - Rework the scan logic in SpecAna and test. Add in chirp logic
  • Brain - Build a neural simulator and test
  • PHP - Add features to some pages like more choices on SkyMap
  • Cosmic Ray - Look into a new detection system