Volume 11


Chapter 71
Building CubicSDR using the latest version of Video Studio
Chapter 70

Autostarting the WAMP server and Writing SML to a WAV file. Rebuilding the WAMP server with redirects using MKLINK. SpecAnaNT Server Organization.

Chapter 69

Passing 'C' strings to a DLL, How to do an image refresh in HTML. The HackRF problem that has been plaguing me for several years. How the gages are wired up on the Antenna control module. A cheap Spectrum Analyzer that works well and could be a test beacon, working on the SpecAna freeze up problem.

Going from bad to worse on trying to fix an AvenTest spectrum analyzer and the start of the misadventure.

Chapter 68

Multiple Table Joins - How to connect a bunch of SQL tables with Joins. SDR Console I/Q Problem - Gona take some work to clear this bug. Un-Mangling C++ Dll - Everything you wanted to know, and are now sorry you asked, about creating a DLL in C++. SDR Console setup for SETI - Hooking this software to the SETI application. Threads in Delphi by Marting Harvey - One of my favorite pieces of technical writing. Creating a DLL in C++ - More on the DLL.Latest Software Release - What it does. Interfacing SDR Console with SETI - Superseded by the SDR Console interface