Volume 10


Chapter 63
Moving to 64 bit problems on the data base, Another Current State Machine, Leak testing the application, Chirp Testing. The addition of an external maixer hardware (to get rid of software audio cables), chirp control of the Spectrum Analyzer; Status and Yes another State Machine. Finall the work with Remote Objects and trade off studies.
Chapter 64

Latest ignored ToDo list, Setup dB Forge Studio, Fix Freeze on RO objects Rebuilding XML, Building Code First Client/Server, Protocol selection and reorgainizing for 64 bit

Chapter 65

New signal discriminator and the latest State Machine

Chapter 66 New Receiver, start on the HackRF incorporation, Telnet Commands between SDRSharp and my SDRSharp Control application, Setting up a DSD interface between SDR Sharp and Virtual Audio Cable (since ignored), Building HackRF Host Software under Windows and using Visual Studio 2015 and Clocking the HackRF using a Sine/Square wave converter.
Chapter 67

Visual Studio needs to be run as Administrator, Current state of my workbench, Damn Cat and Bencher Key, Connecting SDR# and the SpecAna with VB-Cable and Free (as in beer).