Volume 1


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Chapter 1
12/26/98 to 4/2/99 - Mostly centered on the rotor and antenna build out.Rotor Servo Problem, Move Rotor to the Pole, Ready Antenna and Control Box, Antenna in place and working, Antenna Monitor , Feed Horn and LNA, FFT ', Scope Repair , Giant Leap Forward , More Rotor Problems , Horn and LNA Installed , First Drip 
Chapter 2 9/5/99 to10/14/99 - I picked up a radio for the system at the Dayton Ham Fest and spend most of the time working on it. WiNRADiO installed 9/5/99, WiNRADiO receiving the Weak Signal Source 9/13/99,SETI Net Dynamic Address 9/27/99, RF Test Range 10/10/99, WiNRADiO AGC Defeat 
Chapter 3 10/27/99 to 1/15/2001 -I decided that someone should look at unifying the data collection process and started designing SML. Data Format  FITS & XML 10/27/99, Baseband Output, Phase Noise Measurement, Software in Progress - (1/15/2001),
Chapter 4 01/21/2001 to 3/25/2001 - During testing I ran into a lot of noise in the system. This prompted the design of a front end filter. Comb line filter -(3/15/2001),  Enclosure
Chapter 5
8/3/2001 to  2/4/2002 - More concentration on the software side of the system in this chapter. I was able to lock the antenna to a point in the sky using the SETI Net Clock software  and was able to integrate a sky map to show just where the antenna is pointedIntegrate the sky map. I was also able to create the first waterfall image of the sky when locked and tracking Waterfall . 

The recording and playback of the data stream proved to be a daunting task only partially solved during this period Recording and Playback of Raw Data ) and finally I tackled the ever-present problem of making the waterfall display presentable.

Chapter 6 1/15/2002 to 1/15/2002 - Receiver chirping and the decision covering receiver integration is covered in this chapter. Also contains one of those rare items - an epiphany

I must look for myself

Chapter 7 2003-05-03 to 2002-09-20 - This chapter covers advances in SML, the Antenna Rotor repair task and the development of an Audio subsystem block diagram
Chap. 8 Chapter lost
Chap. 9 2003-05-11 to  2003-05-31 -Switching to a commercial server and how to handle the SML and WAVs
Chap. 10 2004-07-09 to 2004-09-03 - Archive system, SpecAna rebuild, Antenna software rebuild