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Seekers question the Oracle at Delphi

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An Open Offer

I am pleased to announce that a second station has officially joined SETI Net. Scott Carter has recently moved his station, EN92gp, from testing to operational status. Several other stations have expressed interest in joining the network, and are at various stages of their station builds.

At this time (2017-03-18) Knud Kjellerup has most of his Baja Mexico station running and will be posting soon.

I will work closely with anyone else who wants to build their own station. I will supply my software free and tailor it to your hardware. This is about 60,000 lines of code so this is a large investment on my part. You must have a background in software and hardware at the amateur level and be willing to spend about $1,000 to buy your own equipment.

You need room for a 10-12' dish antenna.

What do I get from this - nothing but satisfaction.

Any more takers?