Volume 3


Chapter 21
2006-08-13 to 2006-10-03 - This chapter covers the rebuild of the Spectrum Analyzer, comparison with the Virtins Spectrum Analyzer, calibration and testing, the start of the integrated Control Panel, repair of the Antenna control modules (again) and the selection of the waterfall color scheme (Black body and Waterfall)
Chapter 22 2006-10-10 to 2006-11-09 - During this period (October to November of 2006) I worked on SML some more, added  two new Kerr modules to the antenna, and solved a major problem that was created.  I also added the software changes to compensate for the DRM module in the R7000 receiver and raised the Paraclipse antenna 15 degrees.
Chapter 23 2006-11-09 to 2006-12-05 - Finally got the Chirp working and solved the antenna close-in movement problem (dead band).  Installed the first instance of a working IIR filter and added a third Kerr module to the control box.  This gave me control over the post LNA filter switch.  I inserted a list from Margaret Turnbull of five target stars.  Selected the SETI@Home list of Best Gaussians as a starting point for the search.

Return of the Line - The carrier that looked very much line a beacon at RA 17 and RA 18 was found and discarded.  It still makes a good test signal what ever it is (see item 107).

Chapter 24 2006-12-06 to 2007-03-17 -I managed to get a ET Detector working and integration sorted out. The detector uses a sliding average of the bins in the waterfall.  Integration was done using the IIR filter algorithm

I finished a scan of the entire waterhole and produced a list of all signals.  This 'Bird List'finished (and moved to the System area).  It will be used as a 'no fly zone' calculator

New LNA and BPF power supply were installed which improved the LNA and BPF switching greatly. Struggles with move to new web host and back were solved for a bit anyway. Setup scenario for possible Kitt Peak trip (canceled).  I will think long and hard about any other invitations before I get too excited. Address space calculations (box with 12,000,000 points)

Chapter 25 2007-03-17 to 2007-05-24 - Detection fully up and running.  SETI Net now running 7X24. Raster scan for antenna characterization and check on antenna dimensions.
Chapter 26 2007-06-06 to 2008-01-01 -The big rotor disaster.  This one kept the station off line for four months.  Second look atantenna response using the GPS signals and "Have I Tapped into the Intergalactic Internet" (answer: NO). This is where if finally figured out the proper integration algorithm for my system and how I was able to test the receiver stability
Chapter 27 2008-01-06 to 2008-04-04 - Back on the air after latest motor failure. Receiver DRM module connections, Rotor movement videos.  New control box. Schematic for old style motor encoder. Installation of Kerr I/Omodule in the Head End Electronics box.
Chapter 28 2008-04-18 to 2008-07-17 - Re-connect of the Band Pass Filter to the new control system, A Test Signal using the Tone Generator and installation of a green Laser for dish alignment.