Volume 4


Chapter 29
2008-07-19 to 2008-07-22 The addition of 180 degrees view for the antenna and start of SRT Radio Telescope project
Chapter 30 2008-07-23 to 2008-09-27 Noise source and decisions on user interface.  This is where I threw in the towel on Java (what a dumb development system). The end of Paraclipse antenna is shown along with the First Sun Shots in Radio Telescope mode and a description of the scan process.
Chapter 31 2008-10-16 to 2008-12-17  The noise calibrator and scans of the sun using the SRT antenna. Addition of a stop switch for the antenna AND the much acclaimed SNAMV (you have to see it to believe it)
Chapter 32 2009-01-21 to 2009-01-26  Solution to the elevation error problem and installation of the new motor
Chapter 33 2009-03-07 to 2009-03-12 The hunt for the huge WOW area bird (unsuccessful so far) and the modifications and characterization of the Radio Astronomy receiver.
Chapter 34 2009-03-26 to 2009-06-27 The Az and El motor controllers and installed with the new position encoders.  Ordered a new set of controllers and found that did not solve the sporadic failure of the communication system. SETI Net and Art.  System All Up and Running again