V4 Chapter 29


159. 2008-07-22 SETI Net Gains 180 degrees

I went together with my neighbor to remove some tall pines that were blocking the northern view of the antenna. Up till now I only could look in what I call the South View which is 90 Degrees (due east) to 270 degrees (west). With them gone I gain two additional views: East (0 to 180 degrees) and North (270 to 90 degrees). This will make a huge difference in the area SETI Net can cover


Clear View

When I want to change from South View to North View , East View , or West View I have to loosen a bolt and push the antenna around to the new location. Not to difficult.

158. 2008-07-19 to present Small Radio Telescope (SRT)

My astronomy club (San Diego Astronomy Association) asked me to see if I could resurrect a radio telescope that was donated to the club some years ago. I readily agreed and finally am able to start on this interesting project.

First part of the project is to identify what I have. Some pictures from the SDAA_RASIG Yahoo group site and my own photos of the dish at The Dark Site.

This is the horn, and receiver (in the silver box)

Receiver - Cover off

The horn has what appears to be a choke added to a commercial feed so that it will operate at L-Band (1420 MHz).

The L-Band feed is a probe ( 40 mm long) that lays along side the white C-Band feed cover