Volume 8

Chapter 57

325 - Verify dB 2014-02-12

I found that a huge number of errors have crept into the seti data database and had to be reworked. I wrote four SQL scripts that identified errors.

dB Tools
Tool Detects
Hits with no Scan Lists errors for deletion
Hit but no SETI data Lists errors for deletion
SETI data but no Hit Lists errors for deletion
Scan but no Hit Normally these occur
Verify setidata table Verifies that each table entry has matching WAV and JPG files. Deletes orphan records.
Verify seti_data files Verifies that each WAV and JPG has a corresponding table entry. Adds "del" to the file name of orphans

These tools can be accessed through a password protected portion of the web site.

324 - WOW Spur Hunt 2014-01-24

The spur seems to come on around 5 PM each night and is gone by 6 PM. It peaks in amplitude at 161 degs AZ and 11 deg EL. It is just a few Hz above 1420.4556 MHz found by referencing my phase locked synthesizer.

I cannot see it on my sniffer and SDR module so I don't know how to proceed from here.

323 - Bird Hunt Time Again 2014-01-11

Now that things are back in working order its time to do another Bird Hunt.

  1. Hunt with Receiver input terminated
  2. Hunt with Receiver connected to the antenna
  3. Update the database files

Bird hunt completed with 623 birds found and backed up on the remote server. These birds were collected with a fully terminated receiver antenna connection.

322 - WOW Sniffer 2014-01-08

I am being plagued by a signal right in the middle of the WOW area. I have to find it and eliminate it. Here is the plan:

  1. Build a sniffer from a DVB T dongle, a log periodic antenna, a waterhole filter,my Droid phone, and SDR Touch software.
  2. Remove the Head End Electronics from the antenna and bring to the shop for testing to verify that its not the culprit itself
  3. Use the sniffer to see if the signal is local. Find and fix if it is
  4. Install a PVC pole in place of the Head End and use the sniffer to verify the actual focal point of the antenna on the horn

Sniffer -


Log Periodic antenna from WA5VJB (850 to 6500 MHz)

The receiver is a $20 DVB-T+DAB+FM SDR from EBay. I have modified this one to use a SMA connector rather then the goofier one that came with it.

The USB cable extender from the SDR to my phone is spare one I had from a wireless keyboard and mouse.

The phone is a Motorola Droid (quad core) that runs the SoftTouch software fine.

With this setup I could stagger around turning off stuff and pointing the antenna until the offending device could be identified.

And the culprit is:

My damn Weak Signal Source that suddenly decided to output a spur right in the middle of the WOW search spectrum. Shutting if off solved the problem.

Late News: Well that wasn't it after all. I now think the spur is coming from the Head End electronics itself.

This has not been one of my better days. So far I have managed to break:

I just got the synthesizer back together and now have to tackle the Spectrum Analyzer, an old HP 8558B in a HP 180C main frame, so that I can figure just what the hell is going on in the Head End.

Stay tuned...

I got everything back together and working. This is the final shot of the Head End Electronics

and of the lid (which holds the Kerr controller for the relays


321 - New Years Rebuild- 2015-01-01 to 2014-01-06

Everything is running slower. Me, my wife, my dog and (almost) worst of all my development system Zeke. Its time for a rebuild.

This process is fraught with danger to ones sanity. Its amazing just how much clutter can creep into a development setup in a year. So it off to the cleaners with it all (plan on three days).

Zeke Rebuild Tasks and Notes
Module Notes
Acronis Install V.11 from CD
AutoHotKey Move script from original Zeke
WAMP Php.ini for warnings
Opus Add to both machines
WinRAR Web install
Live Mail Struggle through this bull shit again. Recover old email from original Zeke. Fight through MS license roadblocks
UltraVNC New version installed on all machines
Google Side Bar Pick up from Delphi. Still missing the calendar
Photos Move the entire folder to the B:drive
Arduino Reinstall latest version
Visual Studio 2013 Install from Cd's
VS PHP extension License key from old order email
XE2 Install version 4 hot patch 1 or MyDAC will not work
Kindle Web install from Amazon
ImgBurn Web install
Google Earth Web install
DEX License key from email
DirecTV Get new key from DTV
ZoomBrowser Google it and install
Post Office Web install
Epson printer

Download and install from Epson web site

Inno Re-install and re-point all the source to B:
dB Forge Studio

Purchase new version. Setup user with Security Manager:

  • Name: setine5_Jim
  • Host:
  • Authenticate: mysql_native_password
  • Pass: **
  • Roles: All rights granted
MyDAC Purchase new version
SnagIt Re-install using license key from order email
WinSCP Install

Install XE2 compatible version Build 4571. Jcl/Jcl.bat works.

Store BPS files in: C:\users\public\documents\RAD Studio\9.0\Bpl Store DCP in: B:\DelphiTools\JEDI\Jcl\lib\win32


Install from download. Add source subdirectories to Delphi library path:

  • Tools > Options > DelphiOptions > Library Path: b:\DelphiTools\AsynchPro\source
  • Path: c:\Program files\Embarcadero\RAD Studio\9.0\lib\win32\debug
  • Open group project and compile
  • B:\DelphiTools\AsynchPro\packages\Delphi XE2\TPAProXe2.group
  • Add path to designide.dcp:
  • C:\Program files\Embarcadero\RAD Studio\lib\win32\release
  • Install - Open A407_R.* and compile. Open A407_D & Install
Global Majic

Install from GMS/IAL/DISK1 to register OCXs. For first component start new package gms then for all the others:

  • Close and restart IDE. Test
  • Add all other to gms as well:

Strip Chart, Slider, Selector, Percent, Odometer, Numeric LED, Linear gauge, LED, Knob, angular gauge

Toth Knob
  • Follow the License Info.txt in DelphiTools
  • OR: Create temp Reg and import from old system
  • Register OCX with REGSvr32 Knobctrl.ocx
  • Start IDE. Component > Import Component> Active X. Find KnobCtrl, Next. No need to change class name
  • Install new package tothKnob
  • Add RAD Studio \9.0\Imports to path
  • Run setup Change install directory to B:\DelphiTools\Abakus
  • Start IDE then Navigate to B:\DelphiTools\Abakus\Abakus\BDSXE2\*.Bpl
    1. AbkDBStdBDSXE2.Bpl
    2. AbkLibBDSXE2.Bpl
    3. AbkStdBDSXe2.Bpl
Lohninger SDL

Simply double click each package


Install from CD then:

Find the four *.zxp files and double click them - uses DW's extension manager to install them

"V" file viewer Find in back up and reinstall. The licience is in a file along with the viewer.