V7 Chapter 49

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290. Netduino Nubee Startup Problems - 2013-02-21 am going through all the usual startup problems.

  • I received a new netduino plus 2 and have installed the .Net Micro Framework v4.2 SDK and .Net Micro Framework v4.2 per instruction in the forum.
  • I plugged in the +2 and it enumerates to 'netduino under Universal Serial bus controllers
  • I wrote Blinky and it looks alright.
  • I opened Blinky Properties and set .NET Micro Framework to: Transport USB and Device: NetduinoPlus2_Netduino
  • I pressed 'Start' and got a lot of stuff that I didn't understand.

I few quick questions on the Netduino forum cleared it up. I was telling the Visual Studio to create load modules for a firmware version that I had not installed in the Netduino yet.

All is well - Blink, blink, blink, blink, blink

Restart with Netduino - 2013-02-1

I have come to the conclusion that the Ethernet Arduino simply does not have the memory I need to finish the ERGO pixel software. I might have been able to save a few bytes here and there so that I could get a complete application running that could field an event from the ERGO shield, tag it with GPS time, run it through a crypto generator and then send it to the remote server with a web client - but that is all. It would never be able to be a full fledged application that I would be proud of. So I have looked at other hardware available and this is what I have come up with:

  • Netduino Plus 2 – This board has much more memory, Ethernet support, shield layout that would work for the current shield, Software is C# (which I like because it came from my language Delphi) and is objected oriented and the hardware cost is within limits. I’m looking into the software libraries available (Web Client, HMAC 256, GPS for ublox, and others that I use). It will have a steep learning curve but since the development system is Visual Studio 2012 and that is what I use now it should be acceptable. I worry that the run time software on the board would burn up all the gorgeous RAM but I am looking into that.
  • Raspberry Pi – Has more memory yet and runs a full on-board op system. Has all the I/O you would need (Ethernet, USB, video, expansion header). The trouble is that it’s a Unix machine and I have never worked on Unix (except on the 1108 back before the dawn of time). It would have a huge learning curve for me I’m sure and I would also have to learn the programming language (Python) and although I like to learn I might get stuck in the weeds for a very long time. The expansion capabilities needed to connect to the shield are much different than the Arduino so it would require a re-do on the shield.
  • Arduino Due – Again much more memory than the Ethernet Arduino (100 Kb of static v 32 Kb on the Ethernet Arduino) and it does have shield headers that will accept the current shield design. The major stumbling block is the lack of Ethernet support. That would have to be provided via a separate shield.

So I ordered a Netduino Plus 2. This will allow me to get up to speed on the machine. I'm configuring the development software while I wait for delivery.