V7 Chapter 51


280 - External Database goes tits up - 2013-05-23

My SETI station was using an external database Xeround as a place to store the MySQL tables used during the search. Last week they tossed in the towel and closed shop. Not to worry. I had noticed a slowdown in the server response speed, usually a sign that something is amiss, and moved the database to my local machine so the station is still up and running. The trouble is that there is no way for an interested user, such as your self, to view the hits as they come in.

So now I am trying to find an alternative external database for both the SETI and ERGO database.

Any suggestions?

279 - ERGO Project - 2012-08-01

I started a completely separate section for the ERGO project but decided against it. Its all in one area now- this one

278 - ublox Client for ERGO - 2012-07-26

I have started the development of a client that runs on the PC desktop and reports the GPS navigation messages from my ublox development kit. You may download it >

277 - Windows Apps Spring to Full Screen - 2012-07-18

Have you ever been annoyed by Windows when you move an application to close to the top of the screen and it suddenly springs to full screen.

I keep losing track of this 'feature' so that I can disable it. Here's how:

The feature is called Aero Snap. Here is how to disable it:
  1. Control Panel
  2. Ease of Access Center
  3. Make the mouse easier to use
  4. Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen

276 - SETI Markup Language (SML) - 2012-06-07

While working on the database and attempting to understand the new role of the SETI File Manager I have decided that I must modify the SML to accommodate the database orientation I am creating. This requires:

  1. Going back over the original SML using Altova XML Spy

  2. Modifying where necessary as discovered during dB implementation.

275 - SETI Database On The Web - 2012-05-14

Now that the Control Panel, and all its modules that make it run are finally cooking along I can turn my attention back to making the database visible on the web site. This is the short term goal:

  • Demo - Build a demo application using the RAD PHP tool set,

  • Grid - Populate a simple grid control

  • LocalHost - Have it show up on the local web site.

This is a cook book for that first task

Connect to dB Open Connect

New App

Drag Dataset Save All Looking Good with partial Target Database

274 - False Positives - 2012-05-12

The system is working well - might be too well. I'm getting a lot of hits as I scan L4 this afternoon. About two an hour. When I go back to falsify the hits I'm having trouble seeing them in the waterfall and the detection logic is not re-finding them either.

One just came on. Lets look at it:

Waterfall clearly shows two signals. One at 1375,796,590 the other at 1375,796,809 - 220 HZ apart. When I go out of Alarm mode and restart the SpecAna and Waterfall I cannot find the signals again. I don't think the receiver or the antenna changed during the switch over.

What could be causing this?

273 - Operating Better Than Ever - TO DO List 2012-05-11

The changes I made in the Spectrum Analyzer and the Control Panel have smoothed out the operation greatly. There are still many to do items:

  1. State Change - Moving from Alarm state to OFF should NOT shut off Spec Ana and Waterfall. Needed for falsification.

  2. Defaults - SpecAna to 32 K, 16mV, 10 Seconds

  3. Move on Falsification - After a hit is falsified the receiver must move ahead by 10 KHz

  4. Water - Change where the waterfall starts on the screen

  5. Power Point - Pickup background for PowerPoint

  6. Antenna Com Port - Fix Antenna stumble on first click

  7. Button - Make buttons on Receiver a bit larger

  8. Sky Map Go To - Fix the Sky map drive to button on the Control Panel