Volume 13 Chapter 75

    439 - Getting ready for Neuron - 2019-12-05

    I am trying to make some fundamental decisions on where to go next on the development of the SETI Network Neuron simulator. So far I have completed:

    • Soma Simulator - using the basic Izhikevich design from 'Dynamical Systems in Neuroscience by Eugene Izhikevich.
    • Dendrite Simulator - Solves the cable equation fo dendrite compartments
    • Neuron Simulator - Allows the user to build one or more neurons from building blocks, connect them and see the result on an oscilloscope.

    The next step will be to construct a set of 'lab' pages on this web site that can be a learning tool and will incorporate the software modules.

    I have chosen MathType to represent the equations as I go, and since Dreamweaver cannot use the native file format of MathType, they will be converted to GIFs and used as images.

    I just have to remember how to set up the export to .GIF function - geeze.

    You can follow the development on this web page.

    It will constantly be changing

    438 - Saving IDE Default Setup- 2019-09-29

    1. In the IDE, display the windows you’re interested in and arrange them to your liking
    2. Select   View|Desktops|Save Desktop…   and enter a layout name other than “Default Layout”. For example, you could use “My default layout” (without quotation marks)
    3. Exit the IDE
    4. Go to the directory    C:\username\AppData\Roaming\Embarcadero\BDS ,
      where username is your Windows account name (see Note 1 below)
    5. There you should see one or more sub-directories with names of the form “nn.0”, where “nn” is a two digit number for recent versions of RAD Studio
    6. Go to the sub-directory with the highest “nn”, which should be the most recently created sub-directory
    7. In that sub-directory, rename the file “Default Layout.dst” to something else, e.g., “Original Default Layout.dst”
    8. There will be a file with the name you saved in Step 2 and an extension of “.dst”. Rename it to “Default Layout.dst”
    9. Launch RAD Studio and open a project. The desktop layout should change to the one you saved.

    To set the startup desktop layout, use the above procedure but with “Startup Layout.dst” instead of “Default Layout.dst”.

    437 - Wiring Rosi Save Properties - 2019-08-16

    For the newest version of the Brain Neuron Simulator I needed to be able to save the current setup and to do that I need to understand how to 'wire up' the logic to save the various components in the application. This is the recipe.

    This shows the setup for a simple form with a String Grid.

    Get Full Size PNG file


    436 - Clear Com Ports - 2019-05-25

    I keep losing the recipe for clearing the com ports when things go awry This is it:

    1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\COM Name Arbiter.
    2. On the right panel, you can see the key ComDB . ...
    3. In value Data section select all and delete reset to zero ( 0 ) ...
    4. Close the registry editor and then restart your computer.

    435 - Audio Problem Solved (Still Not Solved)- 2019-05-29

    Still Not Solved. I switched my RS-232 system to a physical com port (COM1) to remove the USB subsystem from the equation. When I run NMCTest.exe from J.R.Kerr for the latest edition
    IT STILL FAILS. I fucking give up.
    Fixed. I added a USB Isolator to the Behringer mixer and that solved the problem.

    Form months now I have been experiencing an audio problem. When I run my antenna controller and move the antenna in Elevation (not Az), shut it off, turn it back on and then move to home - The audio feed quits.
    Today I figured it out.
    I have a APANAGE Powered USB 3.0 Hub and I had it plugged into a USB -2 port on my computer. Moving it to a USB 3.0 port solved the problem.


    434 - Building a Delphi Component - 2019-05-10

    I keep losing the recipe for building and installing a new component in the Delphi IDE. Here it is.

    1. Component | Install New Component

    2. Into NEW package

    3. Select Framework VCL

    That's it.

    Hint: Use the component: D:\DelphiTools\Slider\MK Slider\MkRangeSlider.pas as an example.

    433 - Audio to Spectrum Analyzer - 2019-03-01

    Good old Microsoft has made a Windows 10 update that broke the Spec Ana. I could get no audio to it. This is the fix.

    1. Settings | System | Sounds | Other sound Options |
    2. Adjust the Spectrum Analyzer slider

    432 - Antenna Running Again - 2019-03-01

    I finally got the antenna El rotor running right. I had to remove the transition plate and drill new holes in the mount itself. Seems to work right now. The 8 tooth sprocket seems to work.

    We will see.

    431 - Roller Chain Dimensions - 2019-02-28

    I came across this chart of chain dimensions and thought it would be a good thing to keep. This is for a #35 chain.

    430 - Sprocket- 2019-02-26

    I'm having trouble with the antenna El motor again. The drive sprocket is putting a lot of strain on the motor and I'm afraid it will cause something to break. I'm trying to find a replacement but they seem to be in short supply.

    The original seems to be 8 tooth, 1 inch long, 0.3" pitch. s I found a 'Browning 35B8' that looks right and I have it on order. We will see.

    429 - HackRF Setup- 2019-02-13

    I found the right combination for setup of the HackRF receiver.

    1. Band Width = 4 MHz
    2. LNA = 40 dB
    3. VGA = 30 dB
    4. Ex Amp = On
    5. Ant Pr = Off
    6. Display = -30 dB

    This results in 31 dB gain with a noise floor of -140 dBm as shown below. It all so allows the SDR Console software to zero out the DC component in the center of the display.
    The -110 dBm test signal is from a lab synthesizer

    429 - Administrator permission - 2019-01-28

    I keep getting this message from Directory Opus or the File Explorer.

    "you'll need to provide administrator permission to delete this folder"

    This is the fix.

    Go to the drive that contains the file or Folder whose ownership you want to change.

    1. Right Click of mouse on that file or Folder and Choose “Properties“.
    2. Navigate to “Security” tab.
    3. Click on Edit, then click Add.
    4. Under the "Enter the object names to select box"- type "Everyone"(without quotes) and click on "Check names".
    5. Click Ok
    6. A new window will open up with Security tab- Under "Permissions for Everyone", Check mark the "Full control" option.
    7. Apply and Ok.

    428 - New Project - 2019-01-01

    I have the SETI Station up and running pretty well and have all but given up on the Cosmic Ray Detectors so I am moving on to the Brain

    Its a start.