Development Notes Volume 1 Chapter 3

21. - Microsoft Defender Allow threats 2023-12-25

There are times I wan't to do weirdness on the OpSys and have to stop the defender from poking in on it. This is how.

Settings | Update and Security | Windows Security | Virus & Threate protection
| Manage Settings | Exclusions (Add or remove exclusions)

20. - Stop Delphi from Stepping 2023-09-19

When using the Delphi debugger, stepping will step right into the source code of components supplied by Embarcadaro or installed by third parties. This is annoying.
The fix is to find this check box in Project Options and UnCheck it.

19. - Android phone on USB w/Camtasia 2022-11-28

I tried using a simple webcam to create the help videos for the NeuronLab simulator, but the quality was poor. Then I moved to using my Android phone, and the quality is much better but connecting the phone to the PC USB is a pain. This is the recipe.

Install DroidCam on your phone. I use DroidCamX from Play Store (it consts a couple of bucks extra).

Unlock Phones Debug over UBS:

  • Go to Settings:
  • Search for Build Number
  • Tap Build Number seven times (yes, you are a wizard, I know)
  • Go back to Settings again and, search for USB Debugging, and enable it

Install DroidCam Client on your PC

Download and install the Windows Client from dev47apps:

  • Start the phone DroidCam app
  • It may ask you to start the DroidCam for OBS - Just do it.
  • Connect your phone to a USB port

Launch the DroidCam client, and Click to Add a Device. This creates a new Droidcam source. It may take a second or two. Select the USB device then Add device a the bottom.
The client will query for available devices. You'll likely get a dialog on the phone to Allow USB Debugging. Tap OK to allow the connection.

18. - Embedding YouTube videos 2022-11-08

I need to remember how to do this simple task.

Go to the page where your video is displayed in YouTube or whatever video-sharing service you use. You should be able to find the "Embed" code for the video. This is the code you will insert so the video will appear on your web page.

The embed code looks something like the following:

<iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

For the curious, the above code was taken from's video on How to Add a Feedback Form to Your Website at

Select the code, and copy it to your clipboard. That is, after selecting the entire block of text in the "Embed" box, click "Edit" on the menu bar and select "Copy" on the menu that appears.

17. - Swap Ra 2022-10-27

I finally decided that the axial resistance should be represented on the exit side of the cell's electrical schematic. This change allows me to visualize that Ra does not affect the incoming current but does change the outgoing current. There is a small but crucial difference.
Now, I have to adjust all the Synapse, Dendrites, and Somas calculations.

16. - To Do List 2022-10-21

Mak'n a list - check'n it twice etc. In no particular order

  • Fix Array[1] - A single 'True' was showing up sometimes - DONE
  • Add Stop At - Allow the user to select a stop tick to pause the simulator - DONE
  • Change FitCheck to check the position of the forms as they are made visible. This seems more work than worth it. I'll let it ride for a while
  • Change frmBodyPlan.Tick to SetMessage.Tick
  • Add more Soma's
  • Change name of simulator from Neuron to Neuron Lab (NeuronLab) - Done
  • Build registration feature into Help About. Allow me to collect user information - Sort Of Done
  • Build Videos:
    • Dead Start
    • Step and Scope only - Left click, left click. Position Oscilloscope. Set in Step.
    • Scope Positing -Set second step, right click and show scope double click
    • Reset - Clear screen and start over
    • Maximum space - clear connection grid and body parts. Sliders on Scope
    • Step functions - Voltage and current, editing pulse
    • Add Dendrite - Explain the rise equation and the concept of compartments, change length and diameter and show re-computation effects
    • Basic Units - Show how its selected and mention its use
    • Your first neuron - Add Synapse (say what it is) add Dendrite compartment, add Soma, add Axon, add Scope probe. Add a step and start it. Switch to Voltage and increase it to about 50 mVolt. Open Oscilloscope sliders. You first Neuron in operation.
    • Second Scope probe - add another probe and check delay time of the Axon. Measure delay
    • Refractory period - Connect probe to the 'hidden' soma port. Directly below the 'a' in Soma and on the edge
  • 15. - Browser Reloader 2022-10-14

    It pisses me no end when I realize that Chrome is downloading an old file because it has the same file in its cash. One way to solve this is to clear the cash from the browser whenever every I want to download a file, but a better way is to put this in the HEAD of the directory on my own website:

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    Just include Live.js, and it will monitor the current page including local CSS and Javascript by sending consecutive HEAD requests to the server. Changes to CSS will be applied dynamically, and HTML or JavaScript changes will reload the page.

    WAIT - NO. It doesn't work either

    The solution is to add the version number to the Setup Neuron xxxx.EXE. This doesn't cause the browser to refresh, but it works if the user hits the refresh button.
    After this many years, there should be a better way of doing business.

    14. - Splitting the Step 2022-10-13

    In preparation for adding the capability to work with Spike Timing Dependence Plasticity (STDP), I realized I needed to create a train of steps from each Step body part. Modifying the code for this project made it clear that I needed to add an array of boolean to produce the Step and that I did not have a good visualization of the process. This should help.

    Late Note: This entire idea was chucked as being to complex for the value received (2023=09-30)

    13. - Hodgkin-Huxley 2022-08-01

    I plan to develop a standard Hodgkin-Huxley Soma in Delphi.

    wish me luck...

    NO LUCK FOUND. I was able to create the Soma but found that my computer could not keep up with the calculations required of HH. There is no particular advantage to simulating at that lowest level, and the grapes are sour.
    Izhikevich neurons best serve continuous simulations, such as mine.

    12. - Remove Password 2022-07-13

    I reboot my development computer several times a day while testing new software or setup configurations. It is a pain in the ass to enter the computer's Password over and over. This is how to defeat that requirement for Windows 10.
  • Press Windows key + R on the keyboard.
  • Type “control userpasswords2” without quotes and press Enter.
  • Click on the User account to which you login.
  • Unchecked the option "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer". If it is already unchecked, then place a check mark and then unchecked it.
  • You will be requested to enter the User-name and Password. Fill in the details correctly. Type in the User-name, Password and Confirm Password manually.
  • Click on OK and then again OK.
  • Restart the computer and check if the issue persists..