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I keep this engineering notebook more for my own use more than for any other reason. It's invaluable when trying to find a solution to a problem I know I've solved before. You are welcome to browse though it to see what it takes to build a SETI station. Questions or Comments? Email me: Seti@SETI.Net

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Volume 12 Chapter 72

402 SETI Pixel Cosmic Ray Detector 2018-01-16

I have on order two SiPM's from sensL ($150) and two pieces of scintillaton plastic from (BC-480 5cm X 5cm X 1cm) from iradic via eBay (item 263355405917 $60). This is cut and polished just for the CosmicWatch project.

Next step is to set up a KiCAD instance of the schematics, bill of material, and Gerber files.