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I keep this engineering notebook more for my own use more than for any other reason. It's invaluable when trying to find a solution to a problem I know I've solved before. You are welcome to browse though it to see what it takes to build a SETI station a Cosmic Ray detector or a replacement brain component..

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Volume 14 Chapter 78

450 - Compiling HDF5 with Delphi and VS Studio - 2021-09-27

I am trying to find a way to take Berkley SETI data, in the form of HDF5 files, Select only a portion of the file that I interested in and accessing that portion using my SETI Net Spectrum Analyzer and search algorithms.

Its painful.

First thing I had to do was bust through the Build system used in Visual Studio 2019. This cookbook setup causes a directory structure like this to be built:

The cook book for this setup in a VS project is:

  1. Start VS and Add New project. Put it in its own directory to keep track of it.

  2. Open the projects property sheet (Right click and select Properties from the bottom)

  3. Set up the General properties per the figure below. This generates the structure I want

  4. Setup the location where the .EXE will be placed during debugging. Then I can simply click on it directly if I want.


  5. Then the Include directories needed. Got to have these or it will not compile. They point to the HDF5 libray includes needed.


  6. Now the link to the library

  7. ...and finally the Linker target

  8. Now it should Clean ,Compile and Run