Chapter 1

3. - Using Beyond Compare for components - 2022-01-14

Maintaining changes in the neuron components (step, dendrites, somas, and axons) is a pain. For example: even though all the Step components are 90% the same each one must match updates to all the others. Using Beyond Compare from Scooters Software makes this much easer.

Adding a small addition to Beyond Compare makes it even easer. Heres how to have it ignore small but importances like the difference between 'Step1' and 'Step2':

  1. Load both files into left and right
  2. Click Rules button
  3. Select Importance tab
  4. click "+"
  5. In Text To Find enter 'Step\d'
  6. Check Regular Expression
  7. Ok
  8. Ok
  9. View > Ignore Unimportant Differences

The right side should show no differences between Step1 and Step2

2. - Directory setup for Genesis Simulator - 2021-12-28

The working setup for Genesis directories is:

The last bit of the .bashrc file sets the PATH to the genesis interpreter and moves us to the cable directory. It then starts genesis which loads the Cable.g file.

The .bashrc file lives in C:\cygwin\home\JamesBrown

1. - Resetting Dreamweaver site- 2021-12-28

Almost lost the recipe. The FTP connection to the remote server is:

Note the Root Directory - no leading slash.