First Neuron

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This model is from Izhikevich book 'Dynamical Systems'. Download the model for MatLab to see it in operation.

Download the model here:


% First Neuron
% From page 274 in 'Dynamical Systems in Neuroscience' - Izhikevich
C =100; vr=-60;vt=-40;k=0.7;        % parameters used for TS
a=0.03;b=-2;c=-50;d=100;            % neocortical pymidal neurons
vpeak=35;                           % spike cutoff

T=1000; tau=1;                      % time span and step (ms)
n=round(T/tau);                     % number of simulation steps
v=vr*ones(1,n); u=0*v;              %initial values
I=[zeros(1,0.1*n),70*ones(1,0.9*n)];% pusle of input DC current

for i=1:n-1                         % forward Euler method
    if v(i+1)>=vpeak;                % a spike is fired
        v(i)= vpeak;                % padding to spike amplitude
        v(i+1) = c;                 % membrane voltage reset
        u(i+1)=u(i+1) + d;          % recovery variable update
plot(tau*(1:n),v);                  % plot results